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How I Cured My Gout Naturally Without Drugs

Around four years ago life was good. Our business was doing well, we hade just moved into our new condo close to the beach and we were just starting to have some time off from our growing business with some extra cash to enjoy our newly found time off.

It was great taking walks with my wife on the warm spring days in central Florida, but then the unthinkable happened.

I woke up one morning that spring to a devastating condition. My right knee was swollen to the size of a cantaloupe, it was red, swollen and so painful that I couldn’t bend it at all.

Sure, I had a sore toe a couple of times over the previous months, but they would go away as fast as they showed up. I disregarded them because they felt like a stone bruise, just in the main joint of my big toe. I had no idea what a brutal impact they would send crushing down into my life.

If you have gout, you completely understand my story and are likely looking for a solution for yourself right now. If you are not the one suffering, you are likely looking for solutions for someone you care deeply about. The good news is, I can help you down your road to recovery, squashing gout once and for all.

Gout didn’t just affect me; it caused a major workload on my wife, as she attempted to cure my gout, or at least alleviate the pain and crippling effects it was having on my knees, ankles, toes and hands. Not only did she have to take care of me, she carried the load of our small home based business while I suffered the excruciating and debilitating symptoms of gout.

Research was our job for years. We tried everything, but nothing would cure the flare-ups of gout. We tried many different diets… all to no avail.

So, the question remains (for now) for everyone who has encountered this problem in their lives…how do I cure my gout? We had to find the underlying causes and then cures for gout would be self evident.

Can Gout Be Cured Naturally?

I am a free spirit and refuse to be imprisoned by medications if there is a way to cure my gout forever. While most are seeking natural cures for gout symptoms, I was looking for the ultimate solution.

I didn’t want to carry this with me forever. I detested the idea of accepting the many and not so absolute natural cures for gout that most are shouting about from the roof-tops. I wanted my gout gone forever, never to rear its ugly face in my life again.

Here is the process I followed that led me to the knowledge of how to cure my gout fast.

Tried Vegetarian Diet To Cure Gout... Failed

Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits And Vegetables can help cure gout.

I converted to vegetarian (and almost vegan), I dropped meats completely and did this in combination with taking NSAIDS and other things prescribed by our doctor, including steroids. The steroids would stop an attack in its tracks, but no sooner than it was over, the flareups would begin again.

There are many vegetarians and vegans that developed gout and they continue to this day. Eliminating meats from your diet is not true in any sense.

If purines are the problem, then finding the cause of the purine overload or lack of elimination of them from the body was my true quest.


Prescription Gout Meds Didn't Work, Either

The problem for us as gout suffers is if you stop taking the dangerous medicines to control your gout, the brutal attacks return quickly. I wanted to fix my problems, not simply cover up the symptoms.

This is a major problem with today’s medical professions and science. It’s the epitome of pseudo-science… working on symptoms rather than the root problem. There are no known cures for gout pain via mainstream medicine here in the US or anywhere else in the world as far as I or my wife know of, and we have researched extensively.

This does not mean there is not one available, you simply have to think outside the box.

Although neither I, nor my wife are not doctors, when you start looking at the bigger picture of current research, the solution is obvious. Here in this post we will cover all known gout causes and cures, other than pharmaceuticals.

It isn’t in the best interest of major pharmaceutical companies, scientists, and the established healthcare system for something like gout to have a cure. If you have to take medications each day to prevent horrendous pain, your suffering is a cash cow for big business and their wares only work on the symptoms instead of stopping the attacks from happening in the first place.

Can you name one drug that cures a disease? Antibiotics are the closest we have to that and it isn’t a disease or syndrome that is cured; bacteria is killed, nothing more. Vaccines are preventive, not a cure.

This does not mean I am against them in any way, there is a place for them. But, we need to seek cures to disease, not just manage symptoms.

The Baking Soda Gout 'Cure'?

Baking SodaEarly in my research I ran across a site where a fellow sufferer who tells how to use baking soda to ‘cure’ gout, adding a quarter teaspoon to a glass of water 2 to 4 times a day. I have to admit that it did help, but this process is possibly what put me on blood pressure medication… not good. Again, not a “cure” to gout, just the symptoms.

Don’t take this as stating you shouldn’t try it; it may work for you. Go check it out for yourself, but talk to your doctor first, especially if you already have blood pressure issues.
Many claim baking soda helps with gout attacks.

Apple Cider Vinegar Helps Gout... A Little

Apple Cider Vinegar
Gout pain can be controlled with apple cider vinegar that has "Mother" in it.

Then, I read about apple cider vinegar with mother and tried that. It worked some, taking away the ache of other joints. You know, that achy feeling in your whole body during a flareup or on rainy days?

So, if you have those days, apple cider vinegar with mother could help. You can order it on Amazon if you live in a rural area like me, but if you are in a major metro or more densely populated area, you should be able to find it at a local grocery or health food store.

Make sure you get raw apple cider vinegar with mother. Place 2 tablespoons in a glass of water, drink it, and within an hour, you should feel better.

I highly recommend it for people with various forms of arthritis. It simply works to some degree, but did not work to stop my gout flareups or eliminate them. Again, not a cure, just managing symptoms.

Gout and Tart Cherries

Oh, what a great way to ease the pain and swelling of gout. Although it’s not a cure for gout or the inflammation associated with it, it works wonders even though it’s not a cure.

This was so powerful for me personally that I have shared what I have learned about it in a different post. The science backs this claim up and the results were quick (within hours), but you must make sure you are getting the right ones ones and limit consumption or you will undermine other, more important dietary efforts. You can learn everything you need to know about gout and cherries on this post.

Don’t buy any cherry juice, concentrates or cherries until you read the cherries and gout post, you could do more harm than good.

Juicing For Gout Relief... Failed, But My Fault

Fruit Juices

I tried juicing after asking my doctor; he thought it was a great idea and suspected it may do the trick. I also bought a month’s supply of alkaline water and drank 3 to 6 glasses daily plus juicing 3 to 6 glasses of daily to raise my blood PH because of research. I had my blood tested and my PH was the same as it was all 3 months. It never raised or lowered, just as my purine count remained in the high 700’s.

Now, I believe juicing could have been the cure for me, but one aspect of it prevented my success and that was my own ignorance and lack of critical thinking and not knowing about a study that was to be released soon from that time.

Lots of fruits and vegetables have something that does not help much, but we will address that later in the information, so keep reading. Help is right around the corner.

Gout Conversations With My Doctor

After 3 months of that not working I asked my doctor about PH and if the information online suggesting that you could affect your blood PH were true. He bluntly stated that they were not, so I asked if purine buildup in the blood was related to consumption of meat and other proteins. Then, he made the statement I had been seeking which lead to a variety of new questions from me.

He stated that foods have little effect on purine levels in the blood as single items and that alkaline waters had little effect on the bodies PH levels. I really don’t believe it’s PH levels, but do believe one “food” (if you want to call it that) is wrecking havoc on our bodies and it is already has a well documented history, but more on that later.

When I asked my doctor about alkaline diets, even discussing the vegetarian diet mentioned earlier, he stated that we all should eat more green vegetables and cut down on our sugar intake. He actually told me to get a book on the Mediterranean diet, which I did end up using, but I was still missing something because nothing changed with my gout.

The most comprehensive page I have yet to see on gout is I Cured My Gout. Located on a Google Sites page (where I learned of the baking soda cure), it is a long, excellent article on almost everything you can imagine about gout and while it’s a good read, it’s also severely outdated. I tried a lot of experiments to learn what was triggering my gout attacks, but the only part I found useful was on immediate treatments for gout. The rest of the information did help some, but it was more recent studies that helped me the most and now we can get to the root of the problem.

Could Sugar Cause Gout?

Sugar Consumption

So, what do I now believe was causing it? Sugar/fructose! Now, before you call me crazy, let me explain my beliefs and evidence.

When you eat sugar, your blood sugar spikes and builds up insulin resistance; this is what causes diabetes according to science. This affects the liver and many other functions within the body, effectively breaking much of the body’s ability to self regulate. You can learn more about it here.

Even my doctor stated that HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) is “of the devil” and that it causes untold havoc on the human body. For the sake of time, you should visit this link, which explains the tests, studies, and evidence that gout is indeed caused by the intake of fructose, glucose and other sugar related factors.

It’s striking that the increase in sugar consumption in the US over the last century matches the increase in gout and many other disease and makes the body acidic.

Now, you also have to take in account carbohydrates, which metabolize into sugar. Since making this discovery, I have limited my carbs to about 75 to 125 grams per day.

Breads, root crops like potatoes, pasta, and any other carbs need to be managed closely. The good news is that I can now eat meats, tuna, eggs and other high protein foods that are low or absent carbs. This was great for me since I love beef, fowl, and pork. Seafood is something I do once a month, so I am not sure how that affects me, and I never become a glutton with seafood.

I even compiled a list of 7 foods to avoid if you have gout. I am sure that if avoided, you will see massive improvements, if not elimination of your gout.

I am not a doctor, but I am a gout sufferer and cutting down sugar, fructose, glucose and any form of sugar to under 25 to 35 grams a day and carbs under 75 grams a day has almost eliminated my gout outbreaks that were a constant in my life for over almost 3 long years. I no longer keep Rx drugs in the house because I can use ibuprofen (OTC) 800 mg, 4 times a day and naproxen sodium (OTC) 500 mg, 2 times a day, or other NSAIDs at the first tinge of pain and stop it in its tracks.

You may have to adjust these numbers to fit your situation, but doing this has made a huge difference in my life. Chances are that if you do follow the same steps I did, you may lose a lot of weight. I have lost almost 60 pounds and most of the time, the attacks never get past the very beginning, and even that is rare now.

I have been over a year now without an outbreak, without swelling and crippling effects of gout. The only time I ever get a tinge of it is when I eat too many carbs or too much sugar.

Final Thoughts on Gout & Its True Cause

Remember when I said that juicing could have been my cure? I was juicing carrots, apples, oranges, and other fruits and vegetables that had a high content of sugars in their natural forms, but was getting concentrated quantities because of the nature of juicing. I believe this is what was causing my gout flareups during that time.

I remember being extremely frustrated, because it increased the swelling and pain of my already severe gout attacks. What was worse is the fact that I spent hundreds of dollars on a juicer, in fact, two of them, that only ended up magnifying my misery.

Even though the sugar and carbs worked for me and the other things worked on a limited basis or not at all, it is my personal belief that it is overall diet and getting your weight back to a healthy level while eliminating as much sugar, processed and packaged foods as possible. A lot is possible when you are experiencing the pain associated with gout; it’s truly a miserable condition.

If I had not developed poor eating habits due to the typical modern diet of convenience, I probably would never have developed gout in the first place.

I am 5′ 9″ and weighed 230 lbs, and now, I am still short for a male, but I weigh 170 lbs and have my diet to a sensible plan and now I don’t have the attacks like before. I eat a lot of meats, like chicken, beef, and pork and lots of steamed green vegetables while limiting my carb and sugar intake.

I still juice once a day, just not fruits or vegetables that have a high glycemic index. I use lemons or lime to make it more palatable. It makes it easier to consume your daily recommended veggies, especially dark greens.

I drink lots of water and still drink a glass, maybe two glasses, of sweet tea daily (with Stevia) and keep an organic diet as much as possible. I try to stay away from boxed foods like macaroni and cheese and most pasta and grains. I also avoid fast food.

I read a story about a lady that suffered from a plethora of health issues about a year ago and she decided not to eat anything that could not be purchased in 1950. She claimed her health took a complete 180 degree turn for the better. I am noticing the same trend in my life.

My grandfather ate 3 eggs and bacon for breakfast each day of his life and never once had health issues and other older people I know personally do the same. They still eat real food, not the junk poisons in today’s society.

I will be sharing more of my thoughts and research into this food subject over the coming months, so come back and visit; there is a lot more to come as I push and study to get back into optimum health.

If you have tried everything others state helped them with gout without results, cut down on sugars and carbs (talk to your doctor!) and watch the difference in your gout over the next two weeks. I think it will make a believer out of you too.

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